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Tropical fish make great pets for people of any age. They’re attractive to look at and easy to care for, requiring a low level of maintenance that suits busy lifestyles. Come to Moanalua Pets for saltwater and freshwater varieties that can’t be found anywhere else in Honolulu, HI. Whether you want to browse or have your heart set on a specific fish, we’ll help you find a new aquatic friend.

blue tropical fish
saltwater fish

Saltwater Fish

The bold colors and graceful fins of saltwater tropical fish make them a perfect choice to brighten up your aquarium. Choose the happy yellow of a butterflyfish or beautiful stripes of a clownfish to add some color to your home. Since saltwater fish require specific living conditions, our staff will advise you on the equipment and nutrition needed to keep your tank dwellers healthy. 

Freshwater Fish

From popular bettas to tiger barbs, Moanalua Pets carries an unparalleled variety of freshwater fish. Because they are less sensitive to temperature changes and pressure fluctuations than their saltwater counterparts, these kinds of fish are ideal for beginning pet owners. Their fish tanks require less specialized equipment, and they don’t need very much attention to thrive. If you want to buy a tropical fish but aren’t sure where to start, ask our experts today for reliable advice.

tank of koi fish

Find the Perfect Addition

No matter how much experience you have in raising fish, our staff at Moanalua Pets will help find the perfect addition to your aquarium. Even if you have no idea what type of fish you’d like, you’re sure to find one to love at our store. Our selection of tropical fish is always changing, so make sure to return to our shop for the latest varieties.

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